Trnava University Buildings

Construction of a set of nine extensive Baroque structures of Trnava University, the first regular university in Hungary, began in the early 17th century. Trnava University was founded by P Pázmány in 1635, and for almost 150 years it spread education across the country through its theological, philosophical, law and medical faculties. The mighty twin tower of the Early-Baroque University Church of St John the Baptist dominates the university complex. It stands on the site of a medieval church and monastery of the Dominicans. Mikuláš Esterházi, its donor, commissioned the construction in 1629-1637 from the architects A and P Spazz. Several Italian, Viennese, and domestic masters have contributed to the rich decoration of the church’s interior, which is dominated by a more than 20-metre high wooden altar. In the church, which is part of the grounds of the University, important theological debates as well as graduation ceremonies for Bachelors degrees and Doctorates are held.

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