Traditional non-material culture

Traditional non-material culture incorporates oral traditions and manifestations including language (dialect and folk literature), interpretational art (folk music, songs, dances, games and plays), social practices, traditions, rituals and festive events, knowledge and customs related to nature and the universe, work processes, home production, traditional crafts, and others. And so the base of the traditional non-material culture is constituted by the spiritual and artistic cultures, which closely overlap and complement the non-material aspects of the material culture.
Spiritual (socio-normative) culture incorporates those elements of traditional folk culture that satisfy the spiritual and social needs of an individual. It especially incorporates the traditions and rites related to the calendar and life cycle, faith and religious life, knowledge and ideas regarding nature, human and supernatural beings and forces, magic, semi-demons, hygiene, medicine, metrology, the universe, orientation in space and time and the production and use of material values. In a wider sense it also incorporates the social culture, i.e. social relationships, issues of the communities defined according to various aspects, issues of marriage, family, relatives, etc.
The most significant calendar traditions and related specific manifestations of behaviour in the traditional environment were connected with the following dates: the so called Witches’ Days – Ondrej, Katarína, Mikuláš, Barbora, Lucia; Advent; Christmas Eve, the Birth of Christ; Štefan; the Old and New Year; the Three Kings; Blažej; Gregor; Carnival; Lent; Black Sunday; Palm Sunday; Easter; Maypoles; Whitsuntide (Whit Week, Rusadlá); Juraj; Ján; Dušičky (Halloween); and All Saints Day and All Souls Day.
The traditions of the family (life) cycle are related to the life changes of the individual or groups of individuals. This group incorporates the traditions connected with birth, Christening, confirmation/coming of age, conscription, wedding and funeral.