Tomášikovo Water Wheel Mill

In past, water mills were among the most common manufacturing facilities, and they were present in almost every village. The water mill, located about 2 km from the village Tomášikovo in a beautiful natural setting on the bank of the “Little Danube”, has been preserved in its original condition without any annoying interference into its construction and still possesses a coherent and operational milling unit. The mill represents a type of river-bank mill; built of a wood frame construction with wooden deck fillings and it stands on the bank inside the scour of the river on acacia pales. Traction was set into motion by a paddle-wheel with a diameter of 7 m using a bottom drive. The mill was built in 1893 by Ján Matica, and originally it stood slightly below its present location, under the confluence of watercourses. The last major modernization of the mill took place in 1940, and it was operated until 1960. In 1982 the mill was restored and now its exposition is a part of the Homeland Museum in Galanta. It acquaints visitors with the folk tradition of milling in Southern Slovakia.

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