The period of the Slovak State

At the time of the Second World War and the Slovak state the culture gets into a defensive. The constant political pressure is attacking the free development of popular music and particularly jazz as a multicultural and multi-ethnic genre. Marching songs and nation-revitalising songs are taking the lead in response to political events. As a “backlash” towards the totalitarian regime a satirical cabaret and especially new appealing style – swing, is pushed forward and that is happening not only in Slovakia but also in Germany. This is stimulating the emergence of new “swing generation” – singers and instrumentalists as e.g. the Orchester Studio Jazz with the bandleader L. Faix (1939), composers T. Sebo-Martinsky, Z. Mikula, J. Frank-Zempiínsky and K. Valecek. G. Dusík writes and brings the opening night of his most famous operetta Modrá ruža – The Blue Rose (1939) and other operettas.