Synagogue in Malacky

One of the best-preserved synagogues in Slovakia, the Synagogue in Malacky is located in the city centre of Malacky and was built in the Maori style in the years 1886-1887. The Jewish community, entrenched in Malacky since the end of the 18th century, had it built according to the design plans of Wilhelm Stiassny, an architect living in Vienna who came from Bratislava. The object with two towers with spherical domes has three widely bordered entries vaulted in Maori arches. It attracts visitors by a striking diversity of colours on the facade, created by a combination of horizontal stripes of rustic work in a dark brick colour and a discreet orange colour. The sanctuary and iron columns with cast-iron capitals carrying the women’s balcony have been preserved in the interior. The waffle-type ceiling of the chapel with ornamental panelling with stucco as well as the ceilings of the balcony with traces of printed gilded golden stars on a blue background emphasise the original plenitude of interior furnishing.

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