St Egidius Parish Church, Bardejov

Situated in the historic centre of Bardejov, St Egidius Parish Church was built in the 14th-15th centuries and is is one of the finest examples of Late Gothic architecture in Eastern Slovakia. It is listed as a National Cultural Monument.
Work on the church began in the northern side of a large marketplace square, at a time when the free royal town of Bardejov had already been fortified. After an earlier accident with the older structure, the experienced King’s builder Master Štefan of Košice erected over the central nave an advanced netted vault. A remarkable stone Gothic pastoforium also originated in his workshop in 1465. Master Urban then continued the construction of the chapels while Franklin Stemasek erected the tower. The unique mobiliary of the church dates from the late 15th century. A set of 11 wing altars comprises its most noteworthy component.

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