Since 2000

Contemporary Slovak photography is developing also thanks to the independent initiative of individuals and groups. Since 2010, the OFF Festival aimed at presenting young authors has been held simultaneously with the Month of Photography in November in Bratislava. The civic association Photoport focuses its gallery and editorial activities on the authors from Central Europe and cooperates closely with the Apart Association which publishes small print runs of its books. The civic association PhotoART Centre based in Košice engages in exhibition, lecture and publishing activities emphasizing the possibilities of current technologies and the Internet. In 2011, new opportunities of photography studies appeared in Slovakia: Rudo Prekop founded a Photo Studio at the Department of Visual Arts and Intermedia of the Faculty of Arts at the Technical University of Košice. The studio pedagogues included Ľubo Stacho and Lena Jakubčáková. Lecturer Jiří David set up the Photomedia Studio at the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica. Since 2013, the studio is headed by Milota Havránková.
Apart from the theorists already mentioned, the theory of photography and curatorial photography projects form a part of the work of Michaela Pašteková, Lucia Fišerová, Lucia Gavulová. Collecting activities are becoming popular as well. The Slovak National Gallery’s collection of photomedia may be considered the most extensive (current curators Aurel Hrabušický and Lucia Almášiová, 3,750 photomedia works). Other institutions which archive and collect photographic works include the Central European House of Photography, Slovak National Archives, Slovak National Library and the Photoport gallery. Picture editing and photojournalism have also gained in popularity over the last 10 years. The printed version of the .týždeň magazine with the picture editors Vladimíra Pčolová and Róbert Csere received several Picture of the Year International awards for specific articles or a stable visual appearance of the magazine over a long time period comprising photographs of the national authors (e.g. Boris Németh, Matúš Zajac, etc.) and the acquisitions of foreign photographs.
Since 2013, the MONO magazine with photographer Tomáš Halász as its editor-in-chief promotes an innovative and in-depth journalism in Slovakia. In the Slovak Press Photo contest, which has been held regularly since 2012, the authors from Slovakia and Central Europe are awarded for works of photojournalism and documentary. During the year, the Slovak Press Photo organizes exhibitions, lectures and workshops.