Secondary schools

Within specialized art secondary school education the contemporary state linked-up on the original network of state conservatories and secondary artistic and technical school (ŠUP).

In the present day there are 17 conservatories registered in Slovakia thereof 6 state ones (in Bratislava, Žilina, Banská Bystrica and Košice regions), 10 private conservatories (in Bratislava, Trnava, Nitra, Žilina, Banská Bystrica, Prešov and Košice regions) and 1 church conservatory (in Bratislava region) and about 35 secondary technical schools (they are represented in all 8 regions) within which artistic and technical branches, various forms of design and audiovisual arts can be studied. Their number and structure is not separately statistically showed at the MŠVVaŠ SR they are arranged among secondary technical schools because the opening these specialized branches depends on the topical demand and demography.

In any case these numbers are high there is a great measure of probability that the most quality schools from them catch up a portion of talents which continue in college education in the system; in spite of that there are not precise statistical reporting of applicability of these graduates as well as successfulness of further education within art colleges (VŠ). There are even not known the indicators of measurement of quality of particular art schools at the middle level of education. Therefore it is important to mention at least those, which have an exceptional position like the only schools, or those that are historically successful in context of secondary art education in Slovakia:


– State Conservatory Bratislava – art school of singer´s, musical and dramatic arts providing 4-years A-level study and 2-years superstructural study

– Dancing Conservatory of Eva Jaczová Bratislava – the only state school which provides complex practical and theoretical education of scenic dancing art and classical ballet

– Church Conservatory Bratislava – it focuses mainly on the singing and playing at musical instruments

– Private Musical Gymnasium Alkana Bratislava – 6-years study of musical and dramatic art with focus on the musical: also the ZUŠ is functioning at the school

– Private Dancing Conservatory of Dušan Nebyla Trnava

– Private Conservatory Nitra – it brings up future professional dancers chiefly of folk and modern dance

– Private Conservatory of Dezider Kardoš Topoľčany and Prešov – it is focused on the study of playing at musical instruments and singing and on dramatic branch

– Conservatory of Ján Levoslav Bella Banská Bystrica – state conservatory educating in the area of musical and dramatic art

– State Conservatory Žilina – school focused on singing and music

– State Conservatory Košice – secondary school with teaching of playing at wind, percussion, stringed, string and accordion instruments and of piano musical art, teaching of singing and dance

– Private dancing Conservatory Košice – secondary technical school providing complex practical and theoretical education for profession of dancing artist

– Private conservatory Košice – practical and theoretical education in branch of dance and musical-dramatic art


– School of Utility Visual Art of Josef Vydra Bratislava – school with longest and most interesting tradition which secures A-level education in areas of fine art, design and craft arts

– Private School of Utility Visual Art Kremnica – it secures the study in many art and craft professions like blacksmith, engraver, goldsmith, toy-maker

– Associated Secondary School of Scenic Visual Art Bratislava – it secures A-level education for theatrical and filmic professions as make-up man/make-up artist, wigmaker, scenography and costume art design

– Secondary Art School Trenčín – school with tradition in clothing and textile design

– Private Secondary Art School Bratislava – it focuses on graphical and spatial design and industrial design

– Private Secondary Technical School of Animated Creation Bratislava – it secures the teaching in branches: animated creation, graphic design, photographic design

– Private Associate Secondary School of Services and art crafts Kolárovo – the study is running in Hungarian language and it secures the teaching in branches of art craft

– Church School of Utility Visual Art/Art Design of St. Lukáš Topoľčany

– Secondary Technical School Levice – it teaches in study branches: clothing design, photographic design, clothing industry

– Private Secondary Art School Martin

– Private Secondary Art School Hodruša – Hámre

– School of Utility Visual Art Ružomberok – it provides education e.g. in manual processing of textile and in production of toys

– School of Utility Visual Art Košice – branches: photographic design, propagation graphics, ceramics and porcelain, conservation art and restoration

– Private Secondary Film School Košice – study programmes: pictorial and sound creation and make-up artist´s creation

– Associate Secondary Art School Kežmarok

– Associate Secondary Art School Prešov – it prepares the students for graphic layout of printed forms, make-up man´s creation, design and wood shaping and ceramic design

– Secondary Technical School of Engineering and Design in Poprad

– Secondary Technical School of Samuel Mikovíny in Banská Štiavnica


The Conservatory in Bratislava, School of Utility Visual Art of Josef Vydra, Private School of Utility Visual Art in Kremnica and Dancing Conservatory of Eva Jaczová Bratislava deserve special place, and namely by their unnegligible share of development of cultural tradition in Slovakia.

The Conservatory in Bratislava has been founded in 1919 as Musical School for Slovakia, later as Musical and Dramatic Academy and since 1941 as the State Conservatory. The school brings up and educates professional musical and dramatic artists as well as pedagogues of lower art schools.

The Dancing conservatory of Eva Jaczová arose in 1980 by earmarking of Dancing Department of Conservatory in Bratislava, however, it link-up on its history dated to year 1949 when has been opened the first compact methodical centre of teaching the talented dancing artists.

The ŠÚV of Josef Vydra has been founded in 1928 and it was the first school which has provided the compact teaching of young visual/creative artists. In the present day it has following study branches: propagation visual art/art design, propagation graphics, utility photograph, ceramic design, design and wood shaping, stone sculpture, manual visual (art) processing of textiles, conservation art and restoration.

The Private School of Utility Visual Art in Kremnica has been founded in 1966. It is the second oldest school of this type in Slovakia. It arose at the instance of State Mint, national enterprise Kremnica as the school with focus on upbringing and education of artistic engravers, blacksmiths and goldsmiths.

At all SŠ (Secondary/Private Schools) there is a 4-years study and it finishes with A-level examination (in case of the Conservatory it can be 6-year study and it ends by school-leaver´s exam). Teaching plans consist of general-education subjects and of technical subjects. The subject matter is specified in individual study branches with emphasis on the synthesis of theoretical artistic – technical and artistic-specialized knowledge. The pupils are guided to the independent solving the tasks in order they gain necessary artistic and craft level. The “focal point” remains thereby on developing of invention and creative potential.

The conservatories and ŠÚV prepare yearly students which are extraordinarily skilfully technically and technologically prepared for practical respect of art performance, number of branches does not have its continuation at the college (e. g. classical dance, percussion instruments) and the school-leaver accedes to practice at once. However, the majority of them can go on in study of the same or relate focusing at the art college, on the study programmes dealing with art sciences as the case may be.