Saint Anton Mansion

In the place of a medieval castle which was removed in the middle of the 18th century, A. J. Koháry, the mayor of Hont county called Zhupa and General of the Emperor’s army, had a mansion built in the Baroque-Classicist style there. Traditional forms of the building are based more on the lasting Renaissance tradition than on the pathetic and pompous Baroque expression. The main entrance to the courtyard of the mansion leads through a massive portal vaulted into the semicircle with a triangular tympanum in a slightly advanced risalit. Baroque fresco decoration of the chapel and the representative staircase are considered to be the most valuable parts of the painting decoration of the mansion.
Richly furnished interiors with furniture from the 18th -19th century, hunting trophies and guns are part of the exhibition in the Museum in Svätý Anton. The mansion is situated on the edge of a large natural landscape park, freely passing into a forest park, with the remnants of the previous Baroque installation from the mid-18th century on the fourth terrace. On the highest terrace there is a small lake, linked to a unique water system, supplying water from Lake Kolpašské. You can also find romantic constructions in the park such as bridges, arbours and an artificial cave.

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