Roman Catholic Church of St Elizabeth (Blue Church), Bratislava

This church was built in 1906-1908 on the premises of a secession grammar school in Bezručova Street according to a project of the architect Ödön Lechner and was originally intended to be the school church. The material and spatial arrangement of the building with its pre-built and asymmetrically attached cylindrical tower with a bell dome and the way in which its architectural details are shaped represent a masterpiece by this major pioneer of the Hungarian Art Nouveau. Lechner in his work often applied organic shapes, in the case of the Blue Church he combined them with Romanesque models and the motif of the rose, which was the attribute of the patroness of the church. There is a circular mosaic of St Elizabeth over the rustic-shaped compact portal arc. Visitors are attracted by the colour solutions in the church, which also gave it the folk name. A single-nave interior is vaulted with strips of barrel vault. The interior furniture also comes from the workshop of the author of the church.

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