Revival of traditional jazz and birth of big beat

Fashion segments rhythm and blues and jazz-rock with a wave of traditional jazz revival affected the whole Slovakia. In Košice these dixielands were established: in 1962 at the Conservatory (Jozef Maxim), in 1963 Konstantin Boros’ Dixieland, Junior Jazzband of Julius Olajos at the House of Young Pioneers, Dixieland at PKO (1957), which was later extended to the orchestra. In the 1960s and 1970s Košice started producing many talents, new faces not only in the jazz genre but also in rock. N. Bodnar, A. Brezovsky and J. Podprocky were among the prestigious Slovak composers. They composed not only popular music and jazz songs, but also chamber and orchestral compositions of classical music. The singer Eva Sepesiova also started her career in Košice. Here rock bands were also established such as: The Cosins, Devils, Cargo, Fortifikation and Profily – Profiles (later renamed to Modus) with such performers as M. Gombitova, J. Vass, K. Witz, S. Havasi, I. Hudacek, V. Sofranko, M. Medvedová, F. Ujlaky, P. Breza, G. Topertzer, J. Bic and others.
It is believed that dixieland started in Prešov as early as in the 1930s with the engagement of the original African-American band at the Savoy Hotel. Traditional jazz and swing bands began their activities in the 1950s and especially in the 1960s. Inhabitants of Prešov started to be aware of new talents born in dixieland bands Lečo party, dixieland students at the Faculty of Education in Prešov. At present, they have their successors in Prešovský dixieland – Prešov’s dixieland with K. Koscova. A rock band called The Beathings (later renamed to Pressovia) consisting of A. Cimbora, D. Lukac, S. Bobak and P. Papac; „harder“ jazz-rock band Eufónia with the front man M. Kulhavy; Corso Beat with M. Medvedova; artrock band Diligamus Musicam and others were established as well. At that time Prešov was really rich in personalities. Well-known Czechoslovak singers Peter Nagy and Peter Lipa also started their careers in this town.
In the early 1960s Banská Bystrica recorded a boom in both traditional and modern jazz. A revival movement was revived by the trumpeter J. Karvas with other musicians like M. Baksa, M. Kaliska, I. Nagy, V. Skrabala, V. Vizar, S. Ceman and V. Chochol. J. Cervenka established a band Ali Jazz Band in the seed bed of musicians, in Sereď. Another formation was established here later, Sereď Dixieland Band, in which several musicians such as V. Kratochvil, J. Polak, J. Cervenka, J. Holub, M. Bihar, V. Ondruška and I. Kaduc played. In Sereď we can also find rock bands of high quality.