Renaissance belfry in Kežmarok

One part of the complex of the medieval church of St Cross in Kežmarok is the characteristic Renaissance belfry representing the typical expression of the Eastern Slovak Renaissance. This single-standing prismatic construction with raised ground floor was built on an almost square ground floor plan and completed by an escutcheon attic. This attic is decorated by sgraffito with the coats of arms of the Habsburg imperial family, the Hungarian kingdom and the town of Kežmarok. The belfry in Kežmarok is one of the most beautiful Renaissance monuments in the Spiš region. The first floor of the belfry protrudes on corbels and is brightened by double and triple acoustic windows, beaded by sgraffito with the theme of the dolphin, typical for the Renaissance period. The corners of the construction are emphasised by sgraffito quoins. The local architect and author of the construction Ulrich Materer finished it in 1591. In the ground floor of the belfry there is a barrel arch and on the first floor we can find a wooden bell chair with two bells.

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