Railway Station in Kežmarok

Situated in the north-western part of the town on Michalské návršie (Michael’s hillock) above the historical core of the town, the pompous Kežmarok railway station building was built in the years 1914-1918. It is unique in its architectonic expression and certainly outstrips other railway constructions, having been built in a uniform way. The large symmetrical and massive-looking construction is dominated by a central surmounted section, forward-shifted from the town side, with a distinctively decorative attic. Both aisles, connected with the main section by ground objects with saddle roofs, are completed by two-storey five-axis symmetrical buildings with curbed roofs. The exterior decoration of the facades and the main corridor features classical motifs which are nonetheless influenced by the design of Art Noveau. Art Noveau is also used in the window and door panels. The wooden platform with its tectonics and artistic detail follows the tradition of wooden constructions in the area of the Tatras.

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