Osturňa Folk Architecture Reservation

Osturňa lies on the northern slope of the Spišská Magura, in the Osturniansky Creek valley in the Kežmarok district. This village of the Zamagurie area was founded in the 16th century at the time of the Valaska (shepherds’) colonisation. Its housing is made up of particular farmyards lying on one or the other side of the road by the creek. The irregularly-distanced farmyards extend over as much as nine kilometres along the valley. The long plot of a single homestead extends in a strip on both sides of the farmyard. In the front part of the wooden logged yard there is the house set with its longitudinal side along the road, with the gable roof covered with shingles. In the back yard, parallel to the house, is a barn with a stable. Smaller farmstead sections, pigsties and sheep pens covered with penthouse roofs make up the characteristic close-up ground plan of the yard on both sides. There are 157 protected monuments of Goral settlements on display here in a unique natural environment.