Nová Bystrica – Logging Switchback Railway Chmúra-Tanečník

The narrow-gauge railway in Vychylovka, part of the Kysuce Village Museum exhibition represents the remaining part of the tens of kilometres long forest railway track which used to climb the steep hillsides from the Kysuce region to the region of Orava. Its most remarkable part untypically overcomes a very steep slope – by a switchback system. And thus the train by combining a forward and backward ride up to higher parts of the slope overcomes the track incline of 70 per mille without bends. The railway belongs to the unique, European authentic technical monuments. It was built in 1915. After its completion and including its turn-offs it had a length of 110 km. In 1926 the forest railway of Kysuce region built between 1915 – 1918 from Oščadnica to Chmúra was joined with the railway of the Orava region, leading from Lokca to Erdútka (today´s Oravská Lesná). Until the nineteen seventies it was used for its original purpose – to ferry timber down from the forests of Kysuce and Orava region. At present the preserved track with the length of 8 km forms part of the Kysuce Village Museum and passes through its exhibitions. Its rolling stock with historical steam and motor locomotives and wagons is used by visitors.

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