New Evangelical Church, Bratislava

This elegant functionalist church building in a style resembling that of constructivism is part of a semi-closed complex of buildings built for the needs of the Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession. It was built between 1932-1933 according to the project of Milan Michal Harminc, representative of the first generation of Slovak architects. It is this object which represents a turning point in his work because he previously inclined to historicism. The church, with its striking red ceramic tiles and travertine plinth, has an asymmetrically-situated prismatic tower. The exceeded hall space in the interior has a flat ceiling. The arcade on a level with the first floor extends the space, brightened through high windows, along the sides of the room. In the interior there are tiles and furniture made of yellow ochre travertine, called Levice gold onyx.

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