Municipal Savings Bank, SNP Square 18, Bratislava

The original building of the Municipal Savings Bank in Bratislava, designed in 1929 by the young architect Juraj Tvarožek, belongs to the courageous works of its time. It is one of the first buildings in Slovakia, which has been substantially marked by functionalism. It was built in 1930-31 at the corner estate close to the historical centre. Therefore, the progressive smooth facade hung on the iron structure of the reinforced concrete skeleton and divided by horizontal bands of “opaxit” opaque glass in sills with horizontal bands of windows so characteristic of functionalism, was considered an extremely courageous and mature act; far different from the surrounding traditional buildings. At the centre of the object, which occupies the whole estate, there is an arcade at the ground floor. In the middle of the first floor ground-plan there is an embedded hall, lit through a glass-concrete wall from above; higher levels were used as offices and apartments.

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