Memorial of the 1831 Peasant Uprising in Haniska

The memorial of the peasant uprising was built in 1938 on the initiative of the Jubilee Committee of Young Slovaks in Eastern Slovakia. It recalls the so-called cholera uprising, which began in 1831 in Zemplín and rapidly spread across Eastern Slovakia. The uprising, caused by the poverty and impoverishment of peasants, was suppressed by the army and 119 rebels were executed. The memorial located at Furča hill dominates the wider surroundings. Its central motif is a bronze statue of a man walking triumphantly, located on a high cylindrical pylon. At the foot is the rebel group. The creator of the monument is Jozef Pospíšil. From the platform upon which the sculpture stands there is a nice view of the northern part of the Košice Basin and Slanské hills.

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