Molpír Fortified Settlement, Smolenice

Located on the top of Molpír Hill in the Malé Karpaty Mountains of Western Slovakia near Smolenický Castle are the remains of a large settlement from the Hallstatt period (6-7th centuries BCE). The 12-hectare site consisted of three courtyards, two forecastles and an acropolis.
Initial archaeological research uncovered continuous stone walls dating from the Hallstatt era. The internal space of the fort was partitioned by further two strips of fortifications into three self-contained sections. The lowest one served most probably as a refuge for peasants from the surrounding settlements. In the central part was created a plateaux on which stood the huts of different craftsmen. The most massive fortifications surrounded the highest-situated acropolis. This area would have accommodated mason houses with a bulky palace and a cistern chiselled into the rock. The rich findings from the site including jewels reflect the significance of the structures. In the sanctuary three altars were uncovered and the remains of bloody victims. The abundance of findings suggests that the end came abruptly and devastatingly.

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