Dance criticism

Finally, in order to complete the picture of modern and contemporary dance in Slovakia, it is necessary to make a reference to critical feedback. The negative development of this field was adumbrated by the fact that after 2001 the programme of studies in dance science was discontinued at the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (VŠMU). The Theatre Institute has no separate department designated for dance (of any kind) and so analytical and systematic archiving activity are missing, as well as the exact organisation and definition of a hierarchy. In the 1990s the role of feedback and provision of information was fulfilled in particular by the magazine
Tanec (Dance), which was published from 1994 to 2001 by the Kroky Foundation under the leadership of Robert Mesko with Eva Gajdošová as the Editor in Chief. Its publishing was re-established in 2014 by Lucia Holinova and Vladimir Holina. In 2003 the magazine Salto was launched, with a focus on dance and motion theatre. Articles and reviews dedicated to contemporary dance are also regularly published in the contemporary art quarterly Vlna (Wave), and occasionally in the theatre monthly code – concrete about theatre.