Declaration memorial building for the Košice government program – County House

The multi-storied original representative county house was built as the administration seat of the Abaúj-Torna county in 1779 by the chamber builder J. Langer. The symmetrical façade of the Baroque Classicist structure has an entrance located in the buttresses underscored by a triangular tympanum. There is a balcony above the colonnaded portal. In the years 1888 – 1889 the front of the house was adjusted, courtly wings were added and the rear wing was modified. The representative assembly hall is located on the floor in the front part of the building. The coats of arms of the Abaúj-Torna county and its towns are painted on the illusive arcades. In this hall on 5 April 1945 the first program of the domestic post-war government of the National Front of Czechs and Slovaks was signed, going down in history under the name of the Košice government program. This was also one of the reasons why in the years 1945-1990 the original function of the county house building was obscured by this then politically active denomination.

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