Mansion, Church of St. Anna and belfry, Spišská Belá – Strážky

The late-Gothic building in Strážky was in 1570-1590 transformed into a Renaissance mansion with a typical gable attic. In the 18th century after an additional fourth wing was built which created a closed yard, it was turned into a presentable mansion. From the 16-18th century the Horváth-Stansith family established a Latin humanistic school in the mansion for the children of noblemen from the Spiš region and one of the biggest libraries in Hungary. From the 19th century the mansion was in the ownership of the Mednyánsky and Czóbel families. Part of the mansion premises is an English park surrounded by a fence, a church and a Renaissance belfry from 1629 with a gable attic and facades decorated with graphite. The mansion offers expositions of the Slovak National Gallery which include the work of Ladislav Mednyánszky, a famous European landscape painter. The late Gothic Church of St. Anna was built at the end of the 15th century. It is a one-aisle building with a polygonal presbytery surrounded by a protective wall. Walls of the aisle were in 16th century decorated with a cycle of wall paintings. A remarkable illusive painting of a late-Gothic pastoforium architecture is found in the presbytery. The church also includes late-Gothic altars and some valuable artefacts are in the collection fund of the Gallery.

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