Lyricists, librettists and screenwriters

It was very unusual and rare in Czechoslovakia that a lyricist of a more prominent singer or band could become a singer or a band member himself in order to write the libretto or that a screenplay would be written by the author of music or the performer. The system of “artistic committees” and “authors’ teams” strengthened the position of renowned lyricists, librettists and screenwriters who become a filter in evaluating formation of words, they were aware of their possibilities and they could professionally deal with the given socio-political situation. Despite the strict censorship and control by the agencies and institutions, many of the texts reached a remarkable level. The most important lyricists were: in 1930s and 1940s: P.Braxatoris, P. Cady, J. Elen and S. Hoza; in 1950s: J. Caban, R. Hrebenár, K. Hudecová, G. Hupka, V. Ilek, O. Kausitz, V. Palatova, S. Suchovsky and K. Valecka; in 1960s: V. Dockalova, B. Droppa, T. Grunner, T. Janovic, A. Karsay, E. Kliment, M. Lanik, P. Petiska, L. Stassel, S. Stepka, I. Strpka, A. Turan and D. Ursiny; in 1970s: B. Filan, A. Cobej, G. Glovacky, S. Kasarda, Z. Laurinc, M. Lasica, S. Moyzes, K. Peteraj, A. Petik, A. Skoviera, J. Strasser and L. Zeman, in 1980s: V. Brezovska, P. Brhlovic, P. Guldan, D. Hevier, P. Jursa, M. Kozelova, D. Mikletic, P. Nagy, M. Palesova, M. Sarvas, R. Spisiak, J.A. Stefanik and J. Urban; in 1990s: M. Podhradska, Timko brothers and members of different bands such as IMT Smile, Komajota and others.