Lučenec Synagogue

This monumental and the biggest synagogue in Slovakia was built by the Jewish community in Lučenec at the edge of the historical town centre in 1924-5 based on a project from a Hungarian architect Leopold Baumhorn. It was built on a square ground plan on the place of an older synagogue. The author known for several monumental synagogues in Austria-Hungary used a historical style of art inspired by oriental-Byzantine morphology and ornamentation. The building is 35.4 m high and its roof is a cupola on a high eight-wall tambour. The main entrance is highlighted by two towers on the sides with smaller cupolas. The majestic space of the interior hall is extended by the capacity of galleries alongside three walls of the building. For a long time unused and run-down, the building with its original capacity of 1100 people is, following its reconstruction used by the city for culture-social events.

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