Kremnica Mint

Minting has been associated with Kremnica since the time of its formal establishment in the 14th century and thus the mint there has been working without a break for nearly 700 years. The original location of the mint, best known for the production of Kremnica gold ducats, has not yet been cleared. It was moved in the mid-15th century to a separate guarded and later several times modified complex of buildings in the town fortification. The oldest preserved part, the former treasury, is located in the square in the basement of the newer building with a classical facade. A room vaulted into the middle pole is publicly accessible from there. Even the city walls had to retreat partially to the complex with its mint, new reverberatory furnace, foundry and large workshops, which were created in the general reconstruction of 1881–1889. At the end of the 19th century the mint in Kremnica remained the only working mint in the Hungarian kingdom, although it had recorded its largest production earlier, during the reign of Maria Theresa. This unique complex is nowadays accessible to visitors, who can try coin minting on a historical minting machine called a balancier. On the premises of the former mint there have been preserved several already rare historical minting machines of the Vulkan brand.

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