Krásna Hôrka Castle

The castle was built on top of a conical hill during an important business trip to the mining areas of Slovenské rudohorie on the Bebek family property, which was received from a ruler in the 13th century and pertained to them for 300 years until their extinction. In the mid-16th century the castle derived its present form. At the end of the 16th century Peter Andrássy became the castle captain. There began the nearly four-hundred-year period in the history of the castle, linked to this influential family from before the mid-17th century, when the castle became their property. In the late 17th century in connection with the figure of Mikuláš I, who became the administrator of Gemer comitatus and Royal Counselor, it became the seat of Gemer County. Then the castle was rebuilt into a sumptuous Renaissance domicile. In the early 19th century the castle burnt down and there were just emergency repairs carried out. A century later Dionýz Andráši (Andrássy) adapted and transformed the castle into a family museum. It now serves this purpose and after the preservation and repair caused by a fire in 2012, the restored spaces will also remain.

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