Klinger Lake, Banská Štiavnica

West of the city centre of the town Banská Bystrica, in the valley above the Open Air Mining Museum at an altitude of 683 m. above sea level there is an artificial lake (so called tajch) called Klinger. Together with Počúvadlo Lake they are the most well-known lakes which are part of a unique water management system, built during the 16th-18th century by Matthias Cornelius Hell and his son Joseph Cornelius, together with Samuel Mikovíny. Klinger, designed and built by Joseph Cornelius Hell and was named after a nearby mining tunnel. It was first mentioned as working in 1765. It was filled by collecting ditches and a headwater ditch from Červená studňa (Red well) and Ottergrund dams. The top of the dam, 22.4 meters high, has a length of 127 m and is 6.3 meters wide. The tank with a capacity of 158 000 m³ reaches a depth of up to 21.3m. The water from the tank was used for the needs of the mining tunnels Ondrej, Maximilian and Zigmund. Later it cooled the compressors of the mining tunnel Ondrej. The wooden construction with a pumping device on the dam was called the monk. Today the reservoir is used for recreation.

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