International competitions

Bratislava Biennial of Animation (BAB)

Bratislava Biennial of Animation (BAB) formed itself from its beginnings as an accompanying event of Bratislava Biennial of Illustrations (BIB). The International shows of animated films for children were carried-out in 1985, 1987 and 1989, in 1991 the BAB obtained the statute of an international festival, since 2003 it is a competitive festival. From its beginnings it cooperates with UNICEF international organization. The secretariat of BAB in BIBIANA international house of art for children in Bratislava is its organizer. An International Specialized Jury of competition awards relevant appreciations: Main Award Viktor Kubal´s Award for the best film, Visegrád Award – Saint Vojtech´s Award for the best film from the countries of Visegrád quartet, UNICEF Award, CIFEJ (International Centre of Films for Children and Youth) and a Special Award of Jury. In the noncompetitive part special appreciations are awarded: Prix Klingsor (prize for lifelong work in area of animated film for children) and  Albín Brunovský´s honorary medals for extraordinary artistic, specialized and fine art contribution in area of animated film. The shows of animated film from the whole world, specialized seminars, discussions, presentations of relevant personalities, competitions also creative workshops of animated film and exhibitions are part of festival.
Periodicity: every two years

Bratislava Biennial of Illustrations

The Bratislava Biennial of Illustrations (BIB) international competitive show of originals of children books is the most significant event of fine art and illustrations for children in the world. Since 1967 it is carried-out, Dušan Roll, Miroslav Cipár, academic painter, Albín Brunovský academic painter and further enthusiasts of illustrations of children´s books belong to its founders. It takes place under the auspices of the UNESCO and (IBBY) International union for children´s book with a support of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic and the BIBIANA – International house of art for children is its main organizer. BIB international specialized jury, composed of theoreticians of fine art, illustrators, publishers and librarians evaluates the originals of illustrations and it awards prestigious appreciations for the best works: Grand Prix,  (BIB) Golden Apples (5), BIB plaques (5) and Certificate of merit to publishing house for important publishing deed. The author that will receive Grand Prix BIB presents itself with separate exhibition at the following BIB year and he becomes a member of the BIB international jury. During the BIB the creation of holders of H. Ch. Andersen award for literature and illustrations as well as the creation of not living Slovak author, which significantly contributed to the development of illustrative art in Slovakia, are presented on the separate exhibitions.  From the beginning of this event the BIB international symposium is its part, since 1985 an international BIB-UNESCO Workshop of Albín Brunovský for young illustrators from countries of the Third World takes place which is carried-out in cooperation with College of Fine Arts in Bratislava. Further actions are the part of BIB. Prestigious BIB awards obtained many significant Slovak illustrators.
Periodicity: every two years

International piano competition of Johann Nepomuk Hummel

The international piano competition bears the name of pianist and composer of Johann Nepomuk Hummel (* 14/11/1778 Bratislava – † 17/10/1837 Weimar), of a Bratislava native, which in his creation connects the elements of late classicism with early Romanesque elements. The competition is carried-out in Bratislava. Its mission is to assist to active promotion of Hummel´s inheritance and at the same time to enable the start of concert career of young pianists. It is intended for pianists from 30 years of age from Slovakia also from abroad. Slovak philharmonic is its organizer, Prof. Marián Lapšanský general director of the Slovak philharmonic is its president. The competition is carried- out in three rounds, into the second round at most 10 competitors advance, into the third round three competitors proceed. The holders of main prizes will obtain the title of competition laureate at the same time. The competition jury is an international jury it is composed of significant domestic and foreign artists and pedagogues. Since 2005 (5th year) the competition is carried-out in three years periodicity. The International piano competition of Johann Nepomuk Hummel is a member of World federation of international musical competitions and of Alink-Argerich foundation.
Periodicity: every three years

International piano competition of Peter Toperczer

It is an International piano competition for young pianists up to 17 years. The competition was carried-out for the first time in 1993, it was taken place annually up to 5th year, since then it takes place every two years. The Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic is the inviting party, the competition is organised by the Basic Artistic School of Mária Hemerková in Košice, Peter Toperczer jnr. is its artistic director. The young pianists compete in four age categories in two rounds – in selective round and final one, the condition of competition is the play by heart. Their performances are evaluated by an international jury. The last evening a concert of winners and festive handover of prizes are carried-out. The concert of laureates of previous years and concerts of Musica Iuvenalis school orchestra are part of every year. Till now children of 26 countries took part at the competition. The international piano competition of Peter Toperczer is member of European Union of Musical Competitions for Youth.
Periodicity: every two years

International operetta singing competition of Franz Lehár

The competition takes place in Komárno, in birthplace of Franz Lehár world-known operetta composer and bandmaster (* 30/4/1870 Komárno – † 24/10/1948 Bad Ischl). The Komárno city and the Town cultural centre in Komárno in collaboration with Operetta theatre in Budapest are the organizers of the competition. Its aim is a popularization of operetta genre and discovering of new singing talents. It is intended for young singers, women (in age of 18 – 30 years) and men (in age of 18 – 35 years) from Slovakia also from abroad which compete in categories: prima donna solo (dramatic and lyric soprano), bon vivant solo (heroic and lyric tenor), duet supreta – buffo. International specialized jury evaluates the performance of competitors. The final concert of winners and festive declaration of results and the prizes handover take place in Operetta theatre in Budapest. The first international Lehár´s singing competition was organized by Komárno town in 1989.
Periodicity: every three years

Iuventus Canti international singing competition of Imrich Godin

The competition arose in 1993, it is determined to young singers in age from 12 to 35 years and it is open also for competitors from abroad. Its mission is to contribute to an increase of the artistic level of singing at the artistic schools and by this to assist to upbringing of young singers. The Ministry of Education, science, research and sports is inviting party of competition and it is organized by Basic artistic school of Imrich Godin in Vráble and by Vráble town in honour of Imrich Godin, its native, opera singer and pedagogue  (* 17/7/1907 Vráble – † 13/4/1979 Bratislava). The competing singers are divided into categories: children and youth (12 – 18 years) according to age in 3 categories and the adults according to age and gender in 4 categories. Their performances are judged by an international specialized jury. The success in Godin´s singing competition means a significant step at start of professional career of young singers.
Periodicity: annually

International singing competition of Mikuláš Schneider-Trnavský

A competition of performers of concert vocal art up to 35 years of age takes place in Trnava. It bears the name of important Slovak composer, conductor and pedagogue – Mikuláš Schneider-Trnavský (* 24/5/1881 Trnava – † 28/5/1958 Bratislava).  The aim of competition is promotion of vocal creation with an accent onto the work of this Trnava native, further searching for young talented performers of vocal art and support of their artistic growth. The competitors are divided into two categories according to age and they compete in three rounds in each category. The performances of competitors are evaluated by international jury which award the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize in each category. In addition to these prizes also prestigious extraordinary prizes are awarded. The ceremonial declaration of results and handover of prizes are carried-out at the final concert of winners. The competition was implemented for the first time in May 1971. It took place as a biennial, since 1994 with a statute of an international competition (up to 2010). In 2017 it carried-out after a seven years pause, the Trnava town and the Musical Centre in Bratislava are its inviting parties. Many our foremost opera singers and songstresses are the winners of previous years.

Prix Ex Aequo international festival of radio plays for children and youth

The competitive show of radio plays for children and youth takes place every two years in Slovak Radio in Bratislava. The aim of festival is a support of radio dramatic creation for children and youth, support of an international exchange a support of exchange of theoretic, technical and specialized knowledge at an international level in this area. So the show helps to maintain the creation for children in the Slovak Radio in contact with topical goings-on at the international scene. All active and associated members of European Broadcasting Union (EBU; the greatest association of national statutory broadcaster in the world) can take part at the competition. The festival takes place since 1996. In the present day the Prix Ex Aequo show is the only international event of its kind.
Periodicity: every two years