Trebišov Manor House

The manor house was built in 1786 by Count I. Csáky in the Baroque-Classical style, while he used the remnants of the defunct Parič medieval castle as building material, which was destroyed in 1686. In the 1830s the Andrássy family inherited the manor house, who had it rebuilt in a Neo-Renaissance style and surrounded the park with exotic trees. The two-story building in a u-shape ground plan has a highlighted entry buttress with a Neo-Renaissance gable. The side wings are highlighted by towering superstructures with high cupolas. Part of the area also has original Baroque administration buildings and a former riding area. The manor house with its facilities is located in a natural landscape park, where in addition to the remains of Parič Castle, there is also the Neo-Gothic Andrássy family tomb from the late 19th century. Since the 1980s the manor house has been used for its exhibition of the History Museum.

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