Manor house in Holíč

The medieval trade route near the border with the Principality of Moravia was probably built in the early 14th century on the older foundations of a Gothic water castle. During the Renaissance it was adapted as a fortress with corner bastions and a moat. In 1736 it became the property of Francis of Lorraine, husband of Maria Theresa. For the needs of the imperial summer residence the building was rebuilt probably according to the design of J. N. Jadot into a stately four-story Baroque residence. However, the older star-shaped fortifications were respected during the rebuilding. The axial symmetry of the structures with a deep forecourt underscores the entrance alley that lined the entrance to the manor house from the town. After that the conditions of the building, situated in a large garden, deteriorated due to the slow preparation of recovery in the period of totalitarianism, which during the still worsening unclear ownership relations in the 1990s, eventually became property of the autonomous government. It will gradually renovate the manor house and restore this unique imperial architecture in our country.

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