Historical background

by Martina Orosová

Slovakia lies in the heart of Europe. The geographical centre of the continent is actually situated near to the village of Kremnické Bane. The geographical location of Slovakia on the crossing of significant arterial roads as well as favourable natural conditions and available mineral deposits represent the factors that have affected the development of Slovakia in every historical period. Different ethnic groups and cultures that have met here from all sides of the world have been mutually mixed and transformed and, affected by the domestic element and they have created an independent culture whose conquests have been preserved up to the present day. Even though the size and extent of its population ranks Slovakia among the smaller countries in Europe, its cultural heritage is characterised by exceptional wealth, antiquity, diversity and quality. In terms of their dates of origin, the preserved monuments and historical sites go back to the oldest times of cultural Europe; times when the continent was being settled and European nations were being formed.