Properties submitted on the Tentative List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites

The Tentative List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites contains the proposing sheets of those localities (structures) that are located in the territory of the concerned state and which are considered appropriate for the entry into the World Heritage List. The states are supposed to include those localities (structures) that it considers cultural and/or natural heritage of outstanding universal value and which they intend to nominate in the course of the following years.
Nominations for the World Heritage List cannot be and are not evaluated if the nominated structure has not been included in the Tentative List of the concerned state. The state lodges the Tentative List with the Secretariat of the World Heritage List Committee at least one year before proposing any nomination. The states are invited to revaluate and lodge their Tentative List again at least every 10 years.
The Tentative List should contain the name of the locality/structure, its geographic position, brief description and confirmation of its exceptional universal value.
The Slovak Republic has got seven localities of cultural heritage entered in the Tentative List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The selection of the locations is mostly carried out in a joint nomination together with its neighbouring countries – the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria. The Slovak Republic prepared and submitted this list in 2002 (addition in 2007) to the World Heritage Centre in Paris. The aim was to establish locations that capture, apart from the World Culture Heritage Sites, the most precious places that there are in Slovakia.

The preliminary list of cultural localities in the Slovak Republic is as follows:
1. System of Fortifications at the Confluence of the Rivers Danube and Váh in Komárno – Komárom (12/06/2002),
2. Sites of Great Moravia: Slavonic Fortified Settlement at Mikulčice – Church of St. Margaret at Kopčany (30/01/2007),
3. Limes Romanus – Roman Antique Monuments on the Middle Danube (12/06/2002)
4. Gemer and Abov Churches with Medieval Wall Paintings (01/10/1995),
5. Memorial of Chatam Sófer (12/06/2002),
6. Tokaj Wine Region (06/02/2002),
7. Concept of the Lenticular Historical Town Core of Košice City (12/06/2002).

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