Greek Catholic Wooden Church of the Holy Mother of God the Protector in Miroľa

Wooden temples of Eastern ceremony Greek Orthodox temples and evangelical preacher´s temples built in the northeast of Slovakia form a richest group of wooden small churches in Slovakia.  Their form in three parts is a characteristic feature of wooden small churches in this area, i. e. an entry part, temple (main) nave and altar part what, at the same time, symbolizes the Holy Trinity. A triplexity of space is emphasized in many cases by a trinity of increasing towers westward and outwardly. Precious icons decorated with paintings of eastern ceremony and set into iconostases, which separate the temple nave from the altar part, are the most valuable part of wooden church interiors.
The Greek Orthodox wooden church of Protection of the Holy Mother of God in Miroľa is from 1770. It stands on the eastern slope of village in which it is a dominant construction. A typical three-part and three-tower log cabin object is cladded from outside with wainscoted formwork owing to it the nave and entry part give the impression of one room. Both the towers and stepped rectangular domes over the sanctuary also nave are terminated with small balloons, with blind tambours and crosses. The roof of object and the towers are covered with shingle. The log cabin and the upper part of tower are protected by vertically laid plates and strips/bars. In front of the object there is a wooden entry small gate with an octahedral low small roof covered with shingle.
The interior furnishings are in original state, the iconostasis is solved-out precisely according to iconographic principles. That is, that the polychrome architecture of 18 th century is in four rows with icons and tsarist door. The upper rows of icons are newer, from the end of 18 th century.

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