Greek Catholic Wooden Church of St Basil the Great at Hrabová Roztoka

The most numerous group of wooden churches in Slovakia is that formed by the Greek Catholic and Orthodox churches, which are scattered all over the north eastern region. The most characteristic feature of these religious buildings is their emphasis on the number three, symbolising the Holy Trinity. This can be seen not only in their three domes, but also in their groundplan, with three areas arranged in an axis ascending in height from west to east. The women congregated in the babinec (babinets), the area nearest to the door and the men in the nave (the largest part of the church), while the sanctuary was used for church rites. A wooden screen known as the iconostasis, typically incorporating three openings or doors and painted with icons depicting Christ, the Mother of God, the saints, feast days and the prophets and apostles, separates the nave from the sanctuary.
Built in the first half of the 18th century, the Church of St Basil the Great at Hrabová Roztoka is built on a stone foundation high above the municipality. The walls of the building with their exterior and interior plate shuttering are particularly noteworthy. The interior originating from the second half of the 18th century is mainly Baroque in style with the exception of an untraditional cupboard in Gothic style.

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