The future of the creative sector in Slovakia depends primarily on the stakeholders themselves and their ability to respond to current economic and social trends in the world. Rapidly developing areas (especially regarding design, the gaming industry, as well as audiovisual and other sub-sectors) indicate that the inventiveness of their players, their ability to cooperate and organise themselves internally are most significant for the creative industries.
It is also important that the state and public policies help this process. The sector expects and needs, in particular, the promotion of existing and emerging activities and initiatives of a commercial and non-commercial character resulting from supporting programs (in accordance with the definition of creative ecology and its diverse players), which, regarding its structure and scope, will be adequate to the status and capacity of Slovak creative industries. In particular the support for its internal organisation and upgrade in the form of export promotion and internationalisation could help further develop the sector, which could mean a new level of economic effects generated by the creative industries (see the recommendations referred to in the Report on the Status and Potential of Creative Industries in Slovakia). For the creative industries in Slovakia, the most important benefit will be the continuous forming of a better environment and conditions as well as the removal of administrative and legislative barriers that hinder their development and understanding of their specifics by policy makers.
When a few years ago the words like “creative economy”, “creative industries”, and the like started to be used in the public and semi-public discourse in Slovakia, the answer was often surprised suspicious looks and smiles. Gradually, however, a growing understanding of the relationship between culture, art, creativity and economic development can be seen, and many people are starting to realise that the single-track focus on the automotive industry and attracting investors to the cheap labour is not the guarantee of long-term and sustainable economic growth. Creative industries is one of the areas with the greatest potential for the future development of Slovakia, which faces, like the whole world, uneasy times. Hopefully, understanding of the real needs and the development of creative industries will grow so as to be gradually naturalised in the rhetoric of public administration and local governments.