Farmer’s House No.15 – Peasant Museum, Vlkolínec

The settlement of the folk architecture historical reservation inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List consists of farmer’s backyards. In the eastern row of houses near the main road there is an accessible farmer’s backyard almost in the middle of the settlement, serving nowadays as a museum exhibit. In its front part there is a dwelling log- type double-house, in the back part there are farmsteads: a wooden stall, a barn opposite the stall and a stone granary. The house, consisting of two three-room buildings, was built in 1886. Each house has a separate entrance on the backyard side. The floor in the front room is made of wood, and in the chamber and antechamber there is a clay surface. The house does not offer only the furniture but also an image of how the local inhabitants lived at the beginning of the 20th century.

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