Evangelical Lyceum in Kežmarok

The one-storey building of the Evangelical Lyceum in Kežmarok, built to a design by J Kraus in 1775, was extended 50 years later for spatial reasons. In the late 19th century the building had to be extended again and eventually, before the end of the century, a new school was built not far away from the old building. These bare facts illustrate well the popularity of Evangelical schooling in Kežmarok, the origins of which may be traced back as far back as 1531. After 1777 higher academic classes and chairs gradual came in to existence. A library housing more than 150,000 volumes is a valuable constituent part of the Lyceum facilities. Beside 53 incunabula it also has 2,600 books, some dating from the 16th century. The Lyceum has become a workplace for many significant figures and national enthusiasts.

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