Evangelical Collegium, Prešov

The foundation of the Evangelical Collegium in Prešov was decided by delegates of the Upper-Hungarian Protestant estates in 1665 with the aim of offsetting the Jesuit University in Trnava. Despite unfavourable twists during the rebellions of the estates and their aftermath, the Collegium produced such significant personalities as Imrich Tököli, leader of the Anti-Hapsburg rebellion. There was even a plan to transform it into a university owing to the high professional standards of the institution. In the early 19th century the Collegium ranked among the major higher education institutions in Hungary. The originally Renaissance structure with arcades along the courtyard was extended in the 18th century, and later it was surmounted and remodelled in the Late Renaissance style. Beside several memorial tablets special place is held by the monument dedicated to Caraff’s bloody court, relating to the events from 1687.

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