Evangelical Church, Levoča

This evangelical church was built by Levoča residents in the southern part of the square on a slightly sloping terrain to replace an earlier wooden building from 1823-1837 located outside the town walls. Its robust material on the central ground plan in the shape of a Greek cross is completed by a hemispherical dome carried by an octagonal drum with a row of thermal windows. The church was designed in the spirit of Classicism according to the plan of Anton Povolný, a Levoča architect. The exterior is dominated by high windows vaulted into the semicircle and separated from each other by pilasters. The entrance is highlighted by striated pilasters of the highest order. The monumental interior space is extended on the eastern, western and northern side by tribunes. There is a robust Classicist altar on the southern side. It includes a large altar picture, representing Christ walking on the Sea of Galilee, created by Jozef Czauczik, a Levoča painter. The interior is embellished by illusive architectural paintings. A church library has been placed on the tribune. On the balustrade there is an original wrought cross from the year 1713, which comes from the original church.

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