Empire Theatre in Hlohovec

The oldest theatre building in Slovakia, the 130-seat Empire Theatre in Hlohovec, was built in 1801-1802 for Joseph Erdödy, an important dignitary to the imperial court. It was renovated in 1960-61. Originally an autonomous and simple empire building of a rectangular shape having a centrally located entrance with a slight risalit; it is located in the castle park. The semicircular-vaulted entry is emphasized by a triangular tympanum with the Erdödy family coat of arms above the lintel. On the ledge of the facade, sectionalised with strip rustics, style reliefs with putti are arranged there. In the main hall with a flat mirror ceiling and a decorative illusive painting, another long relief with putti emphasises the gantry of the stage. The balcony is located on the other side of the hall. The theatre hall walls are split up by an illusive architecture. At present, the theatre building is structurally linked to the hippodrome, where the dressing room and a small bar are situated.

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