Education and festivals by independent production

In addition to the Academy of Performing Arts it is possible to study at the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica, which is a young and growing educational institution. Artists are also produced by the Conservatory in Bratislava, Topoľčany, Žilina as well as Košice, and in the dance field, the Bratislava and Banská Bystrica conservatories and the establishment of private dance conservatories and schools (e.g. in Košice, Liptovský Hrádok, Nitra…)

In 1992, the Divadelná Nitra International Festival was established, which in the early years contributed significantly to an acquaintance with the world of theater trends and accelerated the integration of Slovak performing arts in an international context. Regarding dramaturgy it is focused on the presentation of an unusual, actual reading of classical texts, presenting new directing personalities and new approaches to staging, and from Slovak works it often equally classifies the creation of the independent theater with the formation of stable theaters. Moreover, the festival does not differentiate between drama, physical theater and dance, having established itself today as one of the major European international theater festivals that presents and often approximates the theatrical culture of Western and Eastern Europe.

In recent years, there have been several festivals exclusively focused on the creation of independent and authorial theater. Since 2008, the KioSK Festival has been held annually at the Žilina – Záriečie Station and focuses on the presentation of works by Slovak dance creators and performers working at home and abroad, as well as presentations that are redefining known genres and pushing existing ways of working with a theater space and the audience. The Authorial Protéza Theater Festival is organized by the Bratislava A4 – Zero Space culture center and presents (sometimes in several Slovak towns) a selection of performances that are authorial or based on the principle of collective improvisation.

The Sám na javisku International Festival is connected with the Lúč Club in Trenčín and for many years has focused on the monodrama form, hence often more intimate projects emerging from independent theater.

Since 2000, there have been several alternative theater presentations and street presentations as well as smaller forms such as Tempus Art in Rožňava, Meteorit in Kolárova and Cibulák in Pezinok. All have an international character but are of particular importance for the regions. The dramaturgy is diverse and seeks to present various kinds of alternative theater to audiences in different age groups.

Every second year VŠMU organizes the Istropolitana Project international festival of student theaters.