Dance Orchestra of the Czechoslovak Radio in Bratislava (TOČR)

The idea to establish a professional radio dance orchestra in 1961 was a good idea and it had its logical reasoning. The Dance Orchestra of the Czechoslovak Radio in Bratislava (TOČRB) as a professional body provided a platform on which elite, outstanding instrumentalists and several conductors could be active. In addition, domestic authors could present themselves as well – composers, arrangers and lyricists as well as singing soloists and “background” vocalists. A serious shortcoming of the orchestra was the monotony of sound (e.g. styles that were connected with rock were not used at all), stereotyped dramaturgy in the selection of songs (prioritising of songs with simple means of expression), the lack of feelings during the interpretation (playing without rehearsing or staging, from “the paper”); the orchestra did not give any concerts and did not have any contact with the audience. It took a very long time to prepare the recordings and this discouraged mostly professional composers and arrangers. The orchestra took up recording dates reserved for other professional groups. So The Dance Orchestra of the Czechoslovak Radio was gradually losing popularity and reputation, which ultimately led to its dissolution in 1992. In any event, its dissolution damaged the professional scene, which had been built in Slovakia for decades.