The Creative industry in Slovakia

Based on data provided by the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic, the market in the field of the creative industries can be estimated as follows:
Almost 4,000 units were identified on the Slovak market, which, based on reported business activities, can fall within the creative industries. When compared to the total number of SMEs and large enterprises in Slovakia, entities doing business in the creative industries account for 6.2% of the corporate sector. By the survey of the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic, the area of software development and computer consultancy can be clearly designated as the area with the greatest potential and market share.

The number of enterprises operating in the field of creative industries, the size of the segment in Slovakia

CCI – Cultural and Creative Industries
Source: Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic
Vývoj počtu podnikov v rámci CCI – The development of the number of entrerprises within the CCI
Celkový počet podnikov v SR – The total number of enterprises in Slovakia

– Total revenues in the creative industries in 2011 increased close to the amount of 5.5 billion EUR, representing nearly 4% of all sales of the Slovak economy.
– According to official statistics, the sector employs over 45 thousand people, representing about 4% of total employment in the Slovak Republic, but this figure does not take account of self-employed or other persons in liberal professions active in the creative industry, since the survey was not implemented in these groups.

Employment in the creative industries, the segment size

Source: Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic
Vývoj zamestnanosti v rámci CCI – The development of employment in the CCI
Celková zamestnanosť – Total employment

In the Slovak – context, the definition of the sector as the creative industries was used for the first time in the part of the government material – Basis of the Concept to Promote Cultural and Creative Industries in the Slovak Republic, acknowledged by the Slovak Government at the end of 2011. However, this material was created thanks to the activities of the Creative Industry Forum ( which has been operating in Slovakia since 2008 and whose goal is to cover entities in the creative industries, promote the sector itself, and represent its interests in society.
In 2013, the company Neulogy, a.s., in collaboration with the Creative Industry Forum developed an extensive study for the Ministry of Culture entitled Report on the Status and Potential of Creative Industries in Slovakia. For the first time, it summarized the available data on this sector, mapped particular sub-areas and proposed a fundamental set of solutions and measures for the promotion and development of the creative industries in Slovakia. A major part of the text is based on this study or quotes it directly. With thise material, the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic and the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic prepared another material titled Basis of the Creative Industries Development Strategy in the Slovak Republic. It was approved by the Government in 2014, followed by the Action Plan for the Implementation of the Creative Industries Development Strategy in the Slovak Republic (2015).