Competitions and awards in area of art and culture

In the Slovak Republic there is a broad spectrum of awards in area of the art and culture. First of all they are the honour awards which have a character of high honour of the state like a public acknowledgement for lifelong work or previous creation. They have a high credit in the society and they contribute to strengthening of national pride. They may be awarded to significant personality also in memoriam. Further there are motivating and initiatory awards that serve for support of further creation of artist, they are helpful to origin of the next works and they are connected with a financial remuneration; the awards are linked with symbolic financial reward which is usually a supplement of prize (medals, small statue, plaquettes … at the festivals, shows and so on); further awards for exceptional work, concrete act, contribution, quality, they are annual as a rule and awarded by artistic creative and professional associations and institutions; there are awards designated for young creators exclusively – for aimed support of young talents. Also regional prizes are awarded to the individuals and collectives: prizes of self-governing regions, prizes of the chairmen of self-governing regions, prizes of cities, awards of town Mayors; honour citizenships of towns for development of culture in district/country, in region, town, for excellent artistic results, exceptional creative performances, for pattern representation of the district, region, town –  in area of artistic creation, interest artistic  activity, in cultural and educational labour, popular artistic creation and protection of cultural heritage.

In the Slovak republic a lot of competitions in area of art and culture exist. There are the competitions, festivals or competitive shows in all kinds and genres of artistic creation, in professional also amateur creation where the participation alone in finale is a quality mark and a form of award. In the area of artistic creation the international and domestic (national) competitions take place – in all artistic kinds: plastic/visual/fine arts and architecture, literature, music, theatre and broadcasting/radio, film and television. Similarly the all-state competitions also in particular kinds of nonprofessional artistic creation (also with international participation) take place. The minor rounds (district, regional and country rounds) of amateur artistic creation in all areas have a regional character. The competitions for young creators have particular importance, which serve like the awards for support of young talents with on objective to establish them in a professional environment. Activation and motivation above all of young creation is a warranty of the culture and art continuity in national scale and its integration into the European and world context. The confrontation with abroad at the international events significantly contributes also to an experience exchange and to mutual enrichment. Also the competitions for age categories of children and young people are carried-out, i.e. of pupils of elementary schools and students of high schools (folkloric, literary, singer´s, fine art schools and other) also for schoolchildren of primary artistic schools in Slovakia (schools of instrumental playing, chamber playing, fine art and literary schools and so on). They importantly contribute in the whole spectrum of contribution to the development of national culture and they secure its continuity and full-valued applying in all-European and world context.