Colonnade Bridge, Piešťany

A functionalist construction, this covered promenade bridge situated in a world-famous Slovak spa is unique in Europe and is one of the best-known works by the prominent Slovak architect Emil Belluš. Built in 1931-32, the reinforced concrete bridge crosses the River Váh in seven spans, connects the town with the spa island. It was originally used for transport as well as for walks by spa guests in a separate covered area. The attractiveness of the bridge, now exclusively serving pedestrians, is increased not only by the dividing glass wall, but also by the small shops in its opening section. The artistic value of the construction is supplied by images sketched into the glass, designed by Martin Benka, and particularly by the statue of crutch-breaker Robert Kühmayer – the popular symbol of Piešťany – located at the entrance to the bridge from the city. The Colonnade Bridge, Piešťany is one the best functionalist works in Slovakia.

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