Collections of SNG

From beginning the gallery´s collection “objects d´art” and articles being gained by purchase, present or transfer from other institutions have been focused on painting, statue, drawing and graphics predominantly of Slovak provenance but also the works of Central Europe and European arts got into the collections by Vaculík´s courtesy. Successively the collector´s programme was enlarged by acquisitions of artefacts of applied art, industrial visual art, photographs and scenographies as well as by mapping of specific phenomenon of layman´s and naive arts; later by artefacts connected with architecture development and by other media. Individual collection funds map the development of disciplines, they mirror the style also opinion lines and at the same time they record particular artistic performances of the most relevant Slovak and partially also of European and world-famous visual artists and female artists.

In the present day the Slovak National Gallery manages approximately 70,000 collection objects that are segmented into three collection circles. The Collection of Old Art is formed by collections of Gothic art, Baroque art, old drawing and graphics, of old European art, of art of 19th century and by collection of icons.

The Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art belongs to the vastest collection funds with a number of approximately 40,000 works. This is further divided into collections of modern and contemporary painting, of modern and contemporary drawing, collection of photomedia, collection of other media and collection of naive art.

The Collection of Architecture, Applied Art and Design is the youngest being built collection since 1961, within which specialized collections of ceramics, glass, art jewel, artistic textile, wood, poster and graphic design, scenography, architecture, design and artistic crafts were profiled-out successively. The collection contains almost 20,000 artefacts.

The SNG exhibits a part of its collections by form of permanent expositions and with regard to topically running reconstruction of the main compound/object of the SNG only in its satellites – detached workplaces. In Zvolen there are expositions “Gothic Art”, “European Painting of 16th – 19th centuries”, “Icons in Slovakia” and “Open Depot – Sculpture from Gothics to Modernism”. Expositions “Portrait of 17th to 19th centuries” and “Ladislav Mednyánsky and Strážky” are part of exhibition in Strážky in Spiš. The SNG presents selection of works of Ľudovít Fulla in Ružomberok which he dedicated to the state. The Slovak National Gallery concentrates its exhibition activity topically within which it utilizes also own collections intensively in Esterházy´s palace. At the same time specialized workers of the SNG prepare conceptions of new permanent expositions that will be installed in refurbished premises in Bratislava.