Bratislava Dúbravka – Villa Rustica

The remains of settlements in the territory of Bratislava uncovered by archaeological research provide evidence about the life of the society at the time when the Roman Empire stretched up to the river Danube. In a basin enclosed by the hills of Malé Karpaty (Small Carpathians) on the western edge of Bratislava, i.e. to the north of the official frontiers of the Roman Empire, Germans built a small settlement in the 1st century. Its inhabitants engaged in agriculture and cattle farming, as well as the production of iron. It is assumed that in the second third of the 3rd century a German ex-serviceman built in the settlement a stone building with rectangular ground plan and three semicircular apses according to a Roman rural building of the Villa Rustica type with a bath. The character of this structure together with numerous fragments of ancient ceramics, glass, various decorations and coins is a proof of active relations with ancient Rome.

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