Bosak’s Bank in Prešov

This representative Art Noveau building was constructed in 1923-1924 for the needs of the financial community on a strategic and busy place on the boundary of the historical lentil-shaped square at the corner of the Main and Levočská Streets in Prešov. It was built on the initiative of American banker Michael Bosak, who was born in Okrúhle, and whose signature is on the US ten-dollar note issued by its bank after receiving permission from the US government. The most distinctive features of this three-storey building with a gabled roof, built in accordance with the requirements of the banker by V Glasz, are the two rounded corners, finished with globular domes behind the wavy attics. The richly-ornamented facade is decorated at the corners with allegorical reliefs of Peace and Love, Abundance, Thriftiness and Science, as well as with an allegory of the four seasons. Bosak’s house, as announced by the inscription on the facade, was restored in 2000.

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