Town Hall in Bardejov

The Bardejov Town Hall was built by the decision of the Town Council in the middle of the Market Square. It belongs among textbook examples of the penetration of Renaissance fine art and architectural elements into a prevailing general concept of medieval architecture. The Renaissance windows and portals, as well as the unique alcove at the eastern facade of the Town Hall, were created by the master Alexius in 1507. The crown molding with late Gothic sculptures and the shields of the massive gabled roof and vaulted alcove were created two years later by master Ján of Prešov. The high roof with steep Gothic-like gables bears the remarkable original rafter structure. The murals in the town hall premises are from the workshops of local masters. It is said that the statue of the knight Roland erected atop the south shield of the town hall symbolizes the town privileges. The fundamental reconstruction of the town hall arose only due to the need of adapting to the operation of a museum in the early 20th century. This feature has served the public until now.

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