Slovak Architectural Heritage

The architectural works we are talking about represent only a small fragment of the wealthy Slovak architectural heritage. After all, the number of monuments inscribed on the Slovak List of National Cultural Heritage is almost 10 000. But our goal was not just to list many works, but rather to point out the best examples of local architectural history that would at the same time best illustrate its transformations throughout history. Of course, because this text is rather short, we have had to leave out many phenomena, movements and creative personalities. We completely missed vernacular architecture and its rich traditions. We have not mentioned theoretical concepts and those architectural designs that were not realised. We focused mainly on the works that have determined Slovak environment and can therefore mediate the image about the style variety of our architecture and also rouse an interest in a more detailed study.

Note: More detailed information regarding the history of architecture in Slovak territory can be found in the summary publication Architektúra na Slovensku: stručné dejiny. Ed. Henrieta Moravčiková, Bratislava, Slovart 2005, on which this text is based.